Set up your Virtual Ward for respiratory patients and be winter ready. 

Luscii supports patients in the comfort of their home and alerts you when they require your attention. Our no-code approach gives you freedom and flexibility. Make your own protocol edits and get started. You are in control. Practice evidence-based digital health with available pathways for COPD, Asthma, Covid-19 and Acute Respiratory Infection, all of which are ready to go.

respiratory virtual ward
Creating space for care

Stunning results as seen across programs and countries, include:

Get your ARI virtual ward started

Remember the pressures on your pulmonology department last winter? There is still time to set up your Virtual Ward and be winter ready. We offer support to implement your Virtual Ward for Acute Respiratory Infection within weeks.

 Covid early discharge
  • Replace (unnecessary) outpatient clinic visits with a remote monitoring program while pro-actively following up in case of worsening conditions
  • Daily self reported symptoms and vital signs help you keep track of your patients without physcial visits.
  • Self-care modules, like the lung-attack-action plan, make patients feel more independent and know what to do when experiencing an attack. .
  • Free up bed capacity, by early discharge of covid-19 patients out of the hospital into the virtual ward.
  • Patients measure SpO2 three times per day and report on symptoms.
  • Total savings of € 146.736 by implementing this clinical pathway (source).
Early discharge Covid-19 patients
  • Symptoms of COPD patients can differ over time and be effected by external seasonal conditions. 
  • Personalized action plan on what to do in case of (urgent) need including rescue medication at hand
  • Early intervention when symptoms are worsening, can reduce hospital admissions and A&E visits (source).