The next step in our mission for better care

Luscii, an OMRON Healthcare service

Professor Daan Dohmen, PhD, Co-founder, Luscii

Today, we are announcing that our current shareholder OMRON Healthcare will be acquiring the shares of Luscii. For us, this is a deliberate step in our mission to "create space for care." For clarity, I would like to emphasize that all of us, including myself, will remain connected just as we are now. So, why have we taken this step?

The mission, the men and me

If you follow my weekly blog, you might have read about "the mission, the men, and me" before. This statement, derived from the book of the same name, is a guiding principle for me. It means that as an entrepreneur, you make choices in the order of what is good for (1) our mission, (2) the people are 'responsible' for as an employer, and (3) ultimately yourself, in that order. This step today is taken in that spirit.

The future of remote patient monitoring

At Luscii, everything we do centres around the dream with which we started Luscii. Our name is derived from Florence Nightingale, who forever changed healthcare (Luscii comes from Luscinia, which means 'Nightingale'). As the 'lady with the lamp', she was the first to recognise the important of proper patient care, where good monitoring is an essential part. Over the past few years, together with countless nurses and doctors, we have increasingly realised that dream for more than 150 different diseases with numerous publications.

Smarter, personal, and more interoperable

For the next phase of remote patient monitoring and virtual wards, further steps are needed to integrate even more into care processes. This means, among other things, far-reaching interoperability, so that data is available without restrictions in systems in which care professionals work and in new data hubs that arise in many countries. We also need to continuously make remote patient monitoring smarter to save even more time that doctors and nurses can spend on patients who need it most. We believe in integrating primary and secondary care in regional care networks. And we want to continue leading the way in this vision. 

Luscii X Omron - App (square)
Integrating primary and secondary care

OMRON Healthcare has the scale and relevant knowledge to support and accelerate such developments. it has an extensive track record in medical innovation, including as a developer of hundreds of millions of blood pressure monitors driven by advanced algorithms. Also, their personal data-driven remote patient monitoring service for general practitioners is a beautiful example. This kind of experience is invaluable for what is needed around digital care in the coming years and is now available for Luscii and our users. This will allow us to further realise our vision for more patient time.

Scaling globally

For us, our home turf in the Netherlands is an important healthcare innovation country. Thanks to the Dutch infrastructure, mutual trust, and space for experiments, beautiful innovations arise in our little country. But the world is much bigger than just the Netherlands. Other countries also face healthcare challenges. It is an honour to be able to scale the concepts we have developed, as we are doing today in the UK, Germany, and various other countries in Europe and Africa. And, of course, to bring knowledge gained back to our team to bolster innovation even more. 

OMRON Healthcare is already active in more than 130 countries. The global presence helps us further strengthen our development and execution power. This is inspiring and will greatly increase our impact because we can help even more patients take control of their own care and health. This benefits healthcare in our home turf and abroad.

90-year-old company with care in its DNA

Finally, it is a deliberate choice to collaborate with a company like OMRON healthcare. When founding Luscii, we consciously teamed up with a partner with care in its DNA, not with a financial investor or private equity. Our purpose strengthens OMRON's "going for zero" mission aimed at eliminating heart attacks and strokes. And the long-term focus, reliability, and quality that OMRON is known for resonate with our core values. It is therefore logical that we now choose this path again. After more than five years of collaboration (OMRON Healthcare has already been a shareholder of Luscii since our founding), a trust has developed that convinces us that together we can make an even stronger stand against healthcare challenges.

Luscii App Omron - April 2024-1
The Luscii team and identity remain the same

With these considerations in mind, we are entering the next phase of our Luscii adventure. I deliberately say "we" because we all remain committed to Luscii, even as a subsidiary of OMRON Healthcare. Our founders, including myself, and team will continue to be involved with Luscii in the same manner. We maintain our way of working, both internally within our team and externally towards customers and users. We stay true to the values we stand for, the unique events we organise, and our human approach with healthcare providers in the lead. We are very much looking forward to this.

Transferring the holacracy innovation culture

Additionally, it is exciting that Luscii will operate independently within OMRON Healthcare to further develop our holacracy organisational form. Interestingly, this concept was mentioned in 1960 in the book by OMRON's founder (making OMRON possibly the first holacracy organisation in the world). Here too, we feel a connection and it is our ambition to transfer aspects of our culture to other parts of OMRON, and vice versa. This will likely start with a fun step in the form of a Japanese translation of our book "Green On".

Together, we achieve more!

In conclusion, we are proud of all the people in our team who make this possible. We hope that you, just like us, see the opportunities, whether you are a partner, customer, or simply inspired by the innovation we bring. As a team, we will continue with great enthusiam.

We look forward to many more beautiful, innovative, and human (care) moments together, as you have come to expect from us, as Luscii, an OMRON Healthcare service.

On behalf of Luscii co-founders

Dr. Joris Janssen, Ronald Scheffer, and Erik Kaufman

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