Luscii announces innovative trial with SBRI Centre of Excellence and Welsh Ambulance Services Trust

Luscii is delighted to announce that we are now in a phase 2 contract with the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Centre of Excellence as part of an innovative trial with the Welsh Ambulance Services University NHS Trust (WAST). The pilot, which takes place between January and December this year, is part of an initiative to assess how the Trust can deliver emergency care differently. Specifically, by delivering care using Luscii’s remote monitoring solutions.

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The pilot will involve use of Luscii's app and Hospital-in-a-Box equipment to trial the use of remote monitoring devices in the delivery of care. The aim of the pilot is to determine the benefits of remote monitoring within a pre-hospital care setting and assess the impact on care, including waiting times and unncessary admissions.

Primarily, this innovative pilot will focus on patients within care homes. During this trial, the remote assessment will be supported by the addition of vital signs monitoring, enabled by the Luscii app and Hospital-in-a-Box solution. Having access to these observations will facilitate decision-making when receiving calls, enabling clinical teams in the Trust's control room to make evidence-based decisions about the correct care approach.

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Incoming emergency patient calls from care homes (deemed appropriate for assessment) will be remotely assessed by the necessary clinical team to determine the appropriate care for the patient. To determine effectiveness, the pilot will be subject to ongoing evaluation in line with quality improvement methodology. The next steps will be to scale remote monitoring for emergency care into the community, as part of the wider Connected Support Cymru initiative. 

We're incredibly excited to see the progress and impact of this innovative project. This is a huge step for the team at Luscii, allowing us and the teams at SBRI Centre of Excellence and WAST to determine the impact of remote care within an emergency setting. To track this pilot and all those involved, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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