7 things we've learned from implementing 350 digital care path transformations

Ruben De Neef - Customer Success and International Growth, Luscii

In 2014, we introduced remote monitoring for the first time: to improve care for Dutch COPD and heart failure patients. And we never stopped. In just the last 5 years, we have transformed more than 350 pathways in hospitals, clinics, GPs and care homes in 11 different countries. We have been working with the NHS since 2019 in places from Sunderland to Dorset. Our mission is to create space for care with our system-wide platform for (health) care at home.

Just like our product, we keep upgrading our way of working every day. Change is never easy, but being able to build on the experience of thousands of care providers that adopted Luscii successfully in their practice, takes the edges off the challenge. And means that we can steer you through it successfully. So, what have we learned?


1. You can deliver success in just 6 weeks

Even in a very busy and overstretched system, it’s possible to transform a pathway in just 6 weeks. But like Hannibal from the A-team, you need to make a plan. And we can help you with that, because based on our experience we can tell you right upfront who needs to do what and when. So you can schedule ahead. Our implementation approach describes every practical step towards completion and let’s you built on templates and formats that have proven to be successful. So that after 6 weeks you can be like Hannibal, loving it when a plan comes together.

2. You need to know what 'better' looks like

Innovation is defined as a change for better. So when we introduce Luscii to the care team, we discuss with the care team what 'better' means to them. Too obvious? And yet you wouldn’t be the first to forget about it. And then it’s pretty hard to evaluate the improvement of the care pathway. An example: "Patients feel safer and more in control of their own health, while the care team saves time on routine checks.”


3. Bring out the scary stuff

We talk to every involved professional about their hopes and fears when transforming the pathway. By asking each healthcare provider what they anticipate and worry about, we create an open dialogue. We want to hear everyone and to ensure the change is something we do together, not something done to someone. Similarly, with the project team, the emphasis is on collective effort. Luscii isn't leading the change; we're partnering, encouraging each member to envision their personal success in this journey.

4. Respect time

Time is precious, especially in healthcare. That's why we invite the Minimal Viable Group (MVG) to meetings. For example, when we’re building a program we will invite just one nurse, one clinician and perhaps an admin - to keep things efficient. Then, we bring in all relevant stakeholders (ARS) to inform, review and test. By converging and diverging, we’re ensuring everyone's time is valued and the change keeps its pace.

5. Standing on the shoulders of giants

Over 350 care path transformations have given us a treasure trove of resources to share with you, from protocols to SOPs and patient communication content. Building on solid foundations means you don’t have to start from scratch? We share what we know and connect you to all the care providers from different places. It's all about working together and and celebrating every victory together.

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6. Perfection is the enemy of good

In healthcare innovation (or maybe in life even), simplicity trumps complexity. We prioritise learning from real-world practice over unattainable perfection in design. This approach, from the agile framework, encourages teams to start, whilst fostering ongoing refinement. It's about embracing progress and improvement in practical, manageable steps, ensuring that we're always moving forward, always learning, always improving.

7. Big journeys begin with small steps

Transforming one care path can become the start of something big. If there’s one beneficial side effect we’ve encountered over time, then it’s the fact that your teams might start to question the status quo of everything they’re doing (oh oh..) Our workshops help understand where things are now and how to make them better for patients. Luscii can help with some, but we enjoy triggering someone to embrace innovation! It's a never-ending journey of getting better at what we do.

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